Hi, I'm Fredrick.
I write conversational
business blog posts
and ultra-persuasive
sales copies.
Hello, Fred.
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before going on with some
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Freelance Business Blog writer and Sales copywriter.

Why I Should Write for you.

Here are some of the many reasons why I shoud be on your team.

Readable content

Easy-to-read writing

Confusion hinders conversion. Clarity equals quality. Conversational writing sparks conversations (exactly what you need: engagement). I can make your audience literally hear you talk to them with a personal appeal as they read your content.
get SEO content

On-Page SEO

Because the internet demands content optimization, you need a writer who knows how search engines work. You need me.
team work

A Team Member for You

I may be up for hire but I'm no hireling. I'm a teammate. My goal is to build a purposeful relationship leading to long-term business success with you.
delivery within a short time

Quick Delivery

Deadlines and turn-in arrangements matter to me as much as they do to you. Expect your project to be completed within the agreed timeframe.
revision & customer support

Unlimited Revision

You get to enjoy as many revisions as are required to nail your project (we're a team, remember?).

Content that stands right in front of your target audience.

If you have a business, you don’t need a writer who keeps to all the writing rules. You need one who knows all the rules but goes on to break ’em when there’s need to. You need a content writer who writes simply and engagingly, in the language of your target audience. One who writes solely with your market in mind.





projects done



Content that converts...

Hi, I’m Fredrick. I write conversational business blog posts and ultra-persuasive sales copies, converting your website visitors and blog readers to loyal clients.

It’s an awesome thing you’re here if YOUR ROI means anything to you (I’ll give you two times your capital if you can prove it doesn’t — I stake my content writing career on this).

My conversational writing style promises to keep your website visitors reading through your blog posts, seeing they’re tailored for readability. And I can woo your target market for loyalty-based actions with uniquely crafted sales copies.

For me, there is no such thing as boring stuff (just robotic, monotonic, tone-deaf people (writers?) presenting catchy (rough-and-tumble?) and fascinating stuff the boring way).

And what business writers lifesavers like me do for your business is that we get rid of bland pages and fill blank pages with compelling, easy-to-read blogs that stay evergreen, embossing an eternal print on the minds of your web visitors through purposeful engagement.

Nothing beats search-engine-optimized copies and conversationally crafted blogs for target audience engagement — not the sort of writing amateurs craft, using avoidable, high-sounding vocabs, a trick to get away with little research and a lack of rich ideas.

I beg you: avoid folks who are insistent on Harry Truman’s counsel: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them”.

If you’re here, you don’t want to confuse your customers and potential clients because confusion hinders conversion. You want to keep your audience engaged and have them take profitable actions after reading your compelling copy or blog. 

Or, you want an eagle-eyed edit that leaves stale, wordy and trashy content tasting fresh and evergreen (a touch of revival for your website).

You are here because I am the business writer you’ve been searching for all your life. The writer who, beyond writing copies and blogs and spotting editorial issues, will help solve all content-related problems so you can attend to other pressing business concerns.