Researching 95
Communicating 97
Storytelling 96
Persuading 96
Creative Writing 98

About Me

(The toughest part, because I’d rather talk about you…)

I’m Fredrick Agaga, a freelance content writer and creative writer — the kind who only aims for the bullseye of the dart board. Call me an extremist (confession: as an infant, I once suckled on my mum until she passed out). Call me a nitpicker or anything else you wish.

If I’m any less, I should be shoved down the web’s drainage (in the priceless name of quality, I believe there’s one).

I graduated from Bingham University, Nigeria with a B.Sc. in Mass Communication. Since then, I’ve been reading like I would go blind if I take my eyes off a body of texts and writing like I could get amputated for not doing so (I’m literally freaking out now).

When I stop fidgeting at the thought of blindness and amputation, I help people like you write conversational SEO website content that engages their audience.

I can do for you as much (and even more). If what you want is a sales copy & blog writer with the ability to communicate even complex and ‘boring stuff’ through persuasive simplicity, the dicey palms of the web couldn’t have pushed you to a better content writing space.

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Why am I worth hiring?

I leap over the trap of masking a lack of rich ideas with unnecessary vocabs and high-sounding words.
I may be up for hire, but I’m no hireling 😎. I’m a teammate. My goal isn’t to have an endless list of clientele under my belt because I’d rather build purposeful relationships for long-term business success.
I don’t rush over projects only to scamper for payment and then move on to the next dairy cow for milking. I focus on you until you are a loud voice on the web.
I don’t accept more projects than I can handle at each point. Deadlines are as important to me as they are to you.
My rates are cost-effective. They begin at $50 and go upward from there. But I slash my rates by 20% when you publish content in my name.
You get to have as many revisions as are required to nail the project (we’re a team. Remember?).
I'm keen on extensive research and target audience engagement.
I write to make your copies readable and compelling.
I take my time to understand the nature, demand, scope and research implication of each project before accepting it.







Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answer.

I don’t charge per word because every project is different. I name my price based on the research and resources required to complete the task at hand.

I charge based on the nature and scope of each project. But I can be flexible in this regard if your project favours hourly pay while keeping to my minimum rate.

It all depends on you. You may not want your piece of content edited or analyzed by a software configured to follow a body of rules that are more flexible in the practical use of the English language. But I use Grammarly for clients if the option appeals to them.

Again, it depends on the nature and scope of the project at hand. But no 500-word project takes me more than a couple of days to complete.

I simply revise as many times as I have to. As many times as it takes to land you the perfect copy. I offer unlimited revisions!